Mind is a mental health charity that supports, provides advice to, and campaigns on behalf of people who experience mental health problems.

One in four people experience a mental health problem each year, many of whom don’t receive support of any kind. It’s estimated that each year only 25% of people who experience a mental health problem receive the support they need.

Mind’s work is committed to creating a world where no-one has to face a mental health problem alone. Mind aims to enable people to live with their mental health problems, and participate fully in society without inequality of opportunity.

Mind empowers people by encouraging them to understand their mental health problems, their choices, and the support that is available to them. Mind’s Infoline offers callers confidential help, and its Legal Line provides information on mental health related laws. Mind’s award winning publications and website also provide a wealth of supportive and reliable information that is aimed at encouraging a better understanding of mental health problems. 

Mind offers a range of training and consultancy services, including workplace training to develop mentally healthy offices, applied suicide intervention skills, Mental Health First Aid, and bespoke training sessions.

Mind has a network of support groups called “Local Minds”. These currently number 136 in England and Wales, and offer specialised support and care based on the needs of their local communities. Mind also operates a number of local and national networks, such as Depression Alliance and Elefriends, that are designed to provide a support system to people who experience mental health problems.

Mind’s campaigning work is focussed on improving services, raising awareness of, and promoting a better understanding of mental health. Mind is committed to ensuring that people who experience a mental health problem are treated fairly, positively, and with respect. Mind campaigns on a range of issues, from health services, legislation and legal rights, to employment, with the needs and requirements of those who experience mental health problems being at the heart of everything it does.   

You can find out more about Mind and its work here.